Coaching and Personal Training for Cyclists

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If you would like to train for an event or improve your personal best then I can help you with a customised resistance and CV programme.
We work together to identify key events and provide specifc periodised programmes focussing on each aspect of performance to help you prepare. The coaching programmes include monthly testing and reviews so you can see and gain confidence that you are progressing.

We also have an all inclusive package that includes your winter training programme, hire of a top of the range Smart Trainer for your training sessions, power testing schedule,  pedal stroke analysis and online session logging.  Ask for more details.

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Need some motivation on the turbo this winter?

Try one of our training videos with on-screen guides in sunny and interesting places over at Pedal365:
Train every day of the year without looking at the wall.

Who is the coach?

Hello. My name is Simon Kidd. I am a Level 4 qualified personal trainer and massage therapist specialising in sports performance. I am also a qualified Coach with the Association of British Cycling Coaches. You can often find me cycling for pleasure and racing with local clubs. In the winter you may even find me leading indoor cycling classes as I am also a indoor performance cycling instructor.
My background is in Project Management, IT and Electronic engineering so I like numbers and schedules and combine this with my training knowledge to deliver structured training programs to help people like you. I'm not interested in fitness fads and keep to evidence based approaches. Some things work better than others and some things don't at all.  Its all about how your body responds.
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Cycle Coaching is provided by Live-NoLimits that also offers Personal Training, Sports Massage and sells training videos.